Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creative Commons kickoff to OTC11 on June 2

Although I'll be on campus in the all-day CAT/TLA Summer Institute, I also plan to slide out over the lunch hour to participate in the Creative Commons event below.

[h/t MPB Reflections for OTC11 conference & kickoff info (virtual attendance free for kickoff & for June 23/24 conference]

Creative Commons:
Opening the Door to Sharing Content in Education
by Jane Park, Education Coordinator Creative Commons
Thursday June 2 at 12noon (Pacific)

Sign in at:

Have you even been frustrated trying to use materials created by others or share your own content without having to consult a legal team to unravel copyrights? The Internet promises universal access to education, but its potential is hindered by archaic copyright laws and incompatible technologies. Creative Commons (CC) works to minimize these barriers by providing licenses and tools that anyone can use to share their educational materials with the world. CC licenses make textbooks and lesson plans easy to find, easy to share, and easy to customize and combine — helping to realize the full benefits of digitally enabled education. Find out more about CC and how you can use CC licenses to share your work, find free educational resources online, and collaborate with other educators to build and improve learning materials.

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