Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How to do strategic planning

Every May, aside from early expiration of our campus parking passes, there are departmental strategic planning meetings, retreats, etc. These never take place in an undisclosed location, but one department I teach for, ITCD, tries to have them off campus whenever possible. Previous locations have been the Monterey Peninsula College Library and Moss Landing Marine Labs.

This semester we were fortunate to have a colleague open his home to host the two-day retreat. The first photo is of the Salinas Valley view we enjoyed while, uh, working. The second photo is of the lunch we had on the second day, minus the salad. (I overindulged vegetable-wise on the first day.)

Although this was a good opportunity to live-blog, and we did not discuss whether the proceedings were "confidential" or not, I'm saving commentary for after the official end.

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