Friday, May 27, 2011

Social media & student privacy & FERPA, oh my

We still have faculty who can just barely get logged on, but meanwhile this conversation needs to take place.

Our campus uses many things Google in addition to the traditional Microsoft and Adobe juggernautical behemoths. Individual faculty are leaking social media into their classes, just kind of trying things out. That's fine with new pedagogy and tools, but everyone is perhaps a bit too cautious about how deeply to get involved. Meanwhile, our students are fully embedded and we do not (collectively) have a clue as to how to support them. Those of us with an interest in technology would do well to consider the implications of this.

Watch this from colleague Michelle Pacansky-Brock (@brocansky):

Then, as she suggests, go read the details at:

Does Social Media Violate Student Privacy?

If you comment over there, drop me a note here please.

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