Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Half a Summer Institute is Better than None

CSUMB is holding its Summer Institute June 1st and 2nd. In plain talk, this is a couple of days of faculty workshops carved out of our annual schedule. ("Carved out" has come to mean pushing it outside the academic year, both to clear it with the Provost and to make sure enough of us attend to make it worthwhile.)

This year the easily-nicknamed CAT people (our Center for Academic Technologies) and more-of-a-mouthful TLA people (Center for Teaching, Learning and Assessment) have two distinct days with different flavors of events. The first day is about assessment of learning, writing across the curriculum (WAC), and reading across the curriculum. The second is about "The Cloud," decreasing grading time, and open-access materials.

The detailed schedule is in semi-hiding here. There's no official Twitter backchannel I know of but I'll post something to @harmonygritz at showtime in the morning.

Usually, I go to the whole thing but my energies get divided into (at least) two dimensions because of the various themes. I end up feeling like our hero in the image, down to the shock lines radiating from my half-a-head.*

This year it's easy to choose one day or the other and avoid the sense of "session guilt." I made it to a WAC workshop earlier this year and feel current enough. So Thursday, Day 2 it is.

During Thursday's lunch hour I do plan to multitask. Analog: lunch. Digital: The kickoff of OTC11 with a Creative Commons session by Jane Park, CC's Education Coordinator.

*One of my all-time favorite comic covers and story titles, rolled into one. Can't recall if it's a Gardner Fox or John Broome story. From

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