Monday, June 13, 2011

Howards Endeavor

I will be in the next cohort of Howard Rheingold's Introduction to Mind Amplifiers starting June 14. Looking forward to this 5-week intensive course.

I didn't just stumble upon this opportunity. With his gracious consent, I've been using parts of his syllabi in my fall First-Year Seminar classes for a couple of years. Although it was "malice aforethought" in the section with theme "Virtual Communities and Social Media," there was also some trickle-through to the section that just needed a couple of on-point readings about community.

Howard has been a really social guy online since the early days of The WELL in the '80s. I've only had personal contact in the past several years but it's been a joy. He is @hrheingold on Twitter and you should consider following him there.

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