Friday, February 3, 2012

Bloggia Resurrectis

The easiest way to dispel a rumor is to verify it.
Never mind where I've been. Never mind the date on this post. (It's August 2013 no matter what you think.) The truth: In the summer of 2011 I started using Google+ and I found the community there to be a better fit, more engaging than the blogosphere, or Facebook, or Twitter, or any of the other social media/Web x.0 thingies. You Tumblr and Pinterest fiends will have to make your own case.

On a small scale, I kept participating in all of them. In particular, I continued to comment on other people's blogs. My family and a few educator colleagues kept me somewhat engaged on Facebook and Twitter. But the best online conversations I had were on Google+.

Blogs still have a lot to offer in the higher-education environment, however. So rather than just "making" my classes write this fall, I'm joining in the fun. Here we go...

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